What no one is telling you about Medicare

Illustration: Matthew Hollister

With elections coming up, one of the hottest topics right now is Medicare and who’s going to pay for it and how.

According to a recent CNN article:

 A married couple who retired last year can expect to reap $350,000 in lifetime benefits, according to calculations by the Urban Institute’s Eugene Steuerle and Stephanie Rennane. A couple who are 46 today can expect to get $525,000 worth.

Just one problem: That constantly growing cost is getting harder and harder to pay. By 2030, maintaining Medicare’s current level of benefits would push up government spending to 24% of the economy, and even higher as the years roll on. Taxes, however, are set to generate revenue equal to only about 18% of gross domestic product.

It’s an unsustainable gap. Something about the way health care is delivered to seniors will have to change.

So what now?

Find out more by reading the rest of the article on CNN:



About UWF Center on Aging

The Center on Aging at the University of West Florida was established in the Fall of 2010 when the School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences faculty along with assistance from Sponsored Research submitted a grant to the State University System Board of Governors in support of aging initiatives for Northwest Florida. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of aging adults through the application of science to address challenges associated with aging and to promote healthy aging, with an emphasis on prevention. This will be accomplished through inter-disciplinary and inter-professional efforts of basic and applied research, consultation, and partnerships with community agencies. Education and training, direct services to the aging population, and public awareness and understanding of the contributions and needs of elders will be primary objectives.
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