Poll shows majority of boomers planning to work past retirement

An article in USA Today (online) last week says 73% of the 77 million boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are planning to work past retirement, up from 67% this spring (citing the Associated Press-LifeGoesStrong.com poll).

The majority are also shaky about their nest eggs.

In all, 53% of boomers polled said they do not feel confident they’ll be able to afford a comfortable retirement. That’s up from 44% who were concerned about retirement finances in March.


  • Economic downturn that led to depressed housing prices
  • Wild stock market swings
  • Unemployment rate hovering at or above 9% for all but two months since May 2009.

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About UWF Center on Aging

The Center on Aging at the University of West Florida was established in the Fall of 2010 when the School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences faculty along with assistance from Sponsored Research submitted a grant to the State University System Board of Governors in support of aging initiatives for Northwest Florida. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of aging adults through the application of science to address challenges associated with aging and to promote healthy aging, with an emphasis on prevention. This will be accomplished through inter-disciplinary and inter-professional efforts of basic and applied research, consultation, and partnerships with community agencies. Education and training, direct services to the aging population, and public awareness and understanding of the contributions and needs of elders will be primary objectives.
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