” latest and greatest” medications? Check out our link to Dr. Sid Wolfe: Consumer Health Advocate

Being a smart consumer is important in every area of our lives. We often rely on the recommendations of professionals without knowing what questions to ask, or if we’re even in the position to question at all. We know that buying the first model of any electronic item or new vehicle line is not prudent, but what about our medications? The following link will help to identify some of the areas of concern that consumers should know about, regarding the “latest and greatest” medications, from a reputable source.

Dr. Sid Wolfe: Consumer Health Advocate.

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Woman turns 114!

It seems that for this 114 year old New York woman, caring for others is her secret to a long life. See this video for more…


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Suicide Among Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are¬†experiencing unprecedented levels of suicide as they face aging. Read more about this disturbing trend, you may be able to help someone you know…


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